We are a full service PCB supplier located in Arizona but we supply to customers throughout North America. We pride ourselves on being reliable and providing high quality PCBs for a wide range of applications and industries.

The information shown below details some of the key capabilities that RedBoard Circuits can offer and support through our Prototyping and Mass Production manufacturing facilities. You will find information regarding the materials, finishes and technologies that we support on our Products page.

Prototyping Capability

Drilling Aspect Ratio 12:1
Laser Blind Via Aspect Ratio 0.5: 1
Min. finish hole size (mechanical) .006”
Min. finish hole size (laser drill) .004”
Min. outer layer via land size .012”
Min. inner layer via land size .010”
Min. trace width/ spacing .003/.003” (finished trace width less than .003”)
Layer to Layer registration .005
Max. Overall Board thickness .2”
Min. Overall Board thickness .012” (2layer)
.016” (4layer)
Min. Core Dielectric thickness .003”
Min Prepreg Dielectric thickness 0025”
Layer count 36 layer (practical experience)
Line to SMT Min. space .003”
Min. Base Copper weight .0007”
Biggest Board Size 30” x 20”
Fabrication Radius .031”
Warpage .75%
Tolerance-Plated hole +/- .003”
Tolerance-Non Plated hole +/- .002”
Impedance Tolerance +/- 10%
Limited solder mask annual ring 2.5mil (.075mm)
Solder mask print registration tolerance +/-2mil
Controlled depth drilling tolerance +/-4mil

Production Capability

Production Capacity 350,000M2/month
Layer (Mass Production) 1~36 Layers
Minimum Thickness of CCL 0.075mm (Not including copper)
Board Thickness 0.30~6.5mm
Material FR4 & Halogen Free & CEM-3 & FR5 & PTFE & Rogers & Getek & BT & Polyimide FR4 (Dciyfree) &Thermal Prepreg & Aluminum base; buried capacitance
Inner Opening (min) (1) 4/L – 0.125mm;
(2) 6/L-8/L – 0.13mm;
(3) 8/L or above – 0.175mm
Tolerances for NPTH hole +0/-0.02mm
Plating Hole Min. Hole Size 0.15mm(drill)
Aspect Ratio (max) 10
Tolerances for PTH Hole ±0.0375mm
Position Accuracy ±0.05mm
Micro via Min Hole Size 0.1mm
Aspect Ration (max) 1:1
Outer D/F Accuracy ±0.05mm (Manual), ±0.03mm( Auto)
Min. Line Width/ Space 0.066mm/0.066mm(A/W)
Solder Mask Bridge 0.075mm
PCB external dimension tolerances (Routing) ±0.10mm
Impedance Control ±8%
Wrap/Twist 0.5%
Final thickness Tolerance ± 6%
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